4 Baccarat Betting Systems to Increase Your Winning Chance

You can never set a 100% fail-proof strategy or method for Baccarat. That's because Baccarat is a game of luck and pure chance. You win a round if you are lucky. If luck won't smile at you, then you lose. It's that simple.

There is also little room for analysis, card counting, or mathematical probabilities in a Baccarat game. The element of chance adds drama to the game. No wonder high rollers and those who love risks and just want to enjoy a casino game normally play Baccarat.

However, you can always design a Baccarat betting method. A Baccarat betting method is totally independent from the game itself. The aim of your Baccarat betting system is to minimize losses and maximize your win. It can also be used to wisely keep whatever wins you have and prevent you from possible financial ruin at Baccarat.

Here are several Baccarat betting methods that you can use to increase your chances of winning. But always remember that these methods do not guarantee sure winnings.

First, as much as possible place your bet on the Banker's hand more often. This Baccarat betting side has a higher winning percentage at 46%. Although you will have to pay a 5% commission if you win, the main thing is you will win often if you bet on the Banker's hand.

Second, make a consistent Baccarat betting system. This simply means you must avoid any unnecessary calibration of bets. So if you are betting $5 for every Baccarat round, try to stick to it no matter what happens. In this type of Baccarat betting, you can stretch your bankroll and enjoy an all night game.

On the other hand, if you are an adventurous gambler try several Baccarat betting systems for the risk-takers. You can progressively increase or decrease your bet based on your win or loss. For example, if you lose a round, you can double your next Baccarat bet so that you can regain your loss quickly. If you post a win, then you could return to your original bet.

Another Baccarat betting method is to always double your bet whenever you win a round. Your bankroll will quickly increase through this method. This Baccarat betting system is very risky however. You can win big but you can also instantly lose significant sums of money because of this Baccarat betting method.

There are still more Baccarat betting system that you can devise. Although there are no sure methods to win at Baccarat, you can get lots of winnings from it if your Baccarat betting system is sound.